Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my account’s default billing and shipping addresses?

Please click on “Address Book” or “Manage Addresses” and you will be able to add “Additional Address Entries” using the “Add New Address” button. During Checkout on the “Shipping” page the “Default Billing/Shipping Address” and “Additional Addresses” are presented for your “Shipping Address”. Once confirmed and you are moved to the “Payment” page you will then need to uncheck “My billing and shipping address are the same.” This will provide a dropdown with all “Address Book Addresses” and you can select from those or provide a new address.

How will my credit card be authorized and charged?

Fill all the required correct informations during the order process to enable us to proceed billing and payment using your provided card and details.

Invoice of the order will then be email to you for confirmation.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

No taxes applied on order made here

How can I find out if an item is covered by my insurance?

Please contact us for any question related to insurance and Medical Health Coverage…contact@www.ivermectinpillsales.com

Can I ship internationally?

Shipping locations we connect to are various and can our products are boldly ship World wide. International Shipment for all our products on sale

Can I cancel or make changes to an order after it has been submitted?

Yes. Make sure to write the Customer Service about the changes to be made

How do I order Ivermectin Treatment through insurance?

By going through the order with our service